Local Experience Matters: Work With the Best DUI Lawyers in Kansas City

Posted: March 29, 2021 at 12:00 pm

If you’ve been pulled over for driving under the influence, you might be wondering, “how can I find a DUI lawyer near me?” Fortunately, the team at Billam & Henderson, LLC is here to help you navigate the legal challenges associated with a DUI charge and help get you the minimum charge possible. DUIs are serious crimes, and they can seriously impact your life and even result in jail time.

Why You Need a DUI Lawyer in Kansas City

You need a local lawyer because every city and state is different, and you need someone who knows the city in and out. Since DUI cases are generally much more complicated and can have serious ramifications, you need someone with an encyclopedic knowledge of local law. Plus, DUI laws are constantly evolving, so what was true a few weeks ago might not be valid today.

In Kansas, DUI charges can be very serious, even if it’s your first one. Single offenders still need to serve time before they can be given probation, which is not the case in many states where there’s a lot more leniency. Kansa’s minimum fines are also much higher, and you are at great risk of losing your license. DUI charges can impact other areas of your life as well because they show up in employment background checks. It’s far better to take it seriously and work with a team of lawyers right off the bat. The alternative could be highly detrimental to your lifestyle.

Our Methodology

The team at Billam & Henderson, LLC tackles DUIs in an aggressive and methodical way, exploring all options to make sure that you are being treated completely fairly. There are several reasons why a DUI might be thrown out in court, and they explore all of them. Many traffic stops are illegal or unethical, and Kansas law prohibits random stops without a just cause. Even if you were weaving, you need to have crossed a yellow or white line to be pulled over.

The police also need to have performed the sobriety test properly, and if there were any problems with how the test was administered or any question of whether or not the results were valid, the charges might be thrown out. The officer’s body camera could provide some excellent defense for you as well, especially if you pass the field sobriety test but were still asked to submit to a breathalyzer test. Of course, most people don’t know how many options are at their disposal, which is why you need a local team to help you work through the process.

Driver’s License Consequences

DUIs could have disastrous consequences for your driver’s license as well. Right after you get the DUI, the countdown starts. You only have 14 days to file paperwork if you want to appeal your DUI. It’s absolutely vital for you to contact a legal team right away to make sure that you can get your appeal within that time frame. Even if you win your case, the DMV can revoke your driving privilege, and you might still have the DUI on your record.

Possible Charges and Consequences

Losing your license or driving privileges is just one consequence of getting a DUI, but it’s far from the worst that can happen to you. Since Kanas is so strict about its driving under the influence laws, even first-time offenders can face imprisonment, suspended licenses, and fines of up to $1,000; it only gets worse if you repeat again, and you can easily face up to one year in prison, loss of your license, mandatory sobriety device, and a fine of nearly $2,000.

Those who repeat multiple times can face felony charges, prison sentences, and larger fines. If you are convicted of five DUIs in the state of Kansas, you’re looking at felony charges or even having your license permanently revoked. These charges are compounded upon if you meet certain criteria. If you’re driving with children in the car, or if your DUI results in an accident or injury, you will certainly have to deal with much larger charges. In these instances, it’s even more important to find a good attorney or team of attorneys to represent you properly.

Not Just for Alcohol

Although we mostly think about DUIs as being related to alcohol consumption, they’re not always. You can get a DUI if you’re under prescription medicine, marijuana, or other drugs. If you are caught with illegal substances, you can also face a whole host of other charges related to your DUI.

How Getting a DUI Can Impact Other Areas of Your Life

Getting a DUI can have long-lasting ramifications in your life that extend far beyond losing your license or not being able to drive.

Professional Reputation

Your professional reputation can be negatively impacted especially if you are a prominent person. People have lost their jobs or professional respect because of their DUIs. Of course, since many people need a car to get to work, you might also have trouble with the basic logistics after your DUI. DUIs are public records, and any employer who does a background check will likely stumble across yours.

Higher Insurance

If you get convinced of a DUI, your insurance will most likely go up. Your current policy may also be canceled, and you will have to search for an additional insurance provider. The more DUIs you have, the more difficult it will be to find proper insurance.

Civil Suits

If your DUI results in an accident, you might be liable in a civil suit. Even if your DUI is thrown out of court, you could face civil charges, but if you win your DUI case in court, you will be more likely to fare better in a civil suit because you’ve already been found innocent. If your DUI was part of an accident or injury situation, it’s vital that you get knowledgeable legal counsel right away.

Personal Relationships

DUIs can take a huge toll on personal relationships, especially if you have a long history of them. Even though we all make mistakes from time to time, plenty of people still look down on those who have been caught driving under the influence. Your friends may distance themselves from you, or you might have trouble with romantic partners after your DUI.

If you’ve gotten a DUI in Kansas City, you need a team of local attorneys who are on your side. Courtney Henderson and Jason Billiam are award-winning attorneys who can use their years of experience to help you to get the justice that you need and deserve. They tirelessly work for their clients to help them avoid jail, massive fines, or the loss of their driver’s license after a DUI and help them to get their lives back.

A “DUI Lawyer Near Me” You Can Count On

If you need a relentless, results-oriented team on your side, Henderson and Billiam are here to help. With so much on the line, you need a team with a great track record in the courtroom and the legal knowledge to help you deal with your DUI as effectively as possible. If you’re in a jam and you need a good, local legal team, contact Billam & Henderson, LLC to explore your options today.