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If fighting DUI charges in Kansas, including OlatheOverland Park, Johnson County, and throughout Kansas it is crucial to understand that time is of the essence. To protect your future and minimize the potential consequences, it is imperative to seek the immediate guidance of a knowledgeable Kansas DUI defense lawyer. Their expertise in Kansas DUI laws, procedures, and defense strategies can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. By taking swift action and securing legal representation, you increase your chances of mounting a strong defense, preserving your rights, and safeguarding your future. Don’t delay; consult with a skilled DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible.

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Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is a serious crime. Lawmakers, businesses, and communities here in Kansas, go above and beyond to prevent DUIs from happening, but the reality is that they still do. Because of the severity of the infraction, many people think that being arrested for a DUI means they will be found guilty. This is not always the case. No matter the circumstance, you have the right and ability to challenge your DUI case and potentially avoid jail time. 

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If you’re currently facing a DUI charge, our team of Overland Park DUI defense lawyers is ready to fight for you.

Your Defense Against Kansas DUI Charges

The DUI defense attorneys at Henderson Legal Defense are relentless when it comes to defending DUI charges for our clients. We know that DUI cases are complex and that there is always hope of avoiding serious consequences. The laws surrounding DUIs are ever-changing, so you must hire a criminal defense lawyer who has extensive expertise and experience in this area of practice. Not only is it essential for your attorney to have the experience, but they must also have a firm understanding of local DUI regulations. Because local court rules can vary between areas of the same state, hiring an attorney who is local to the area of arrest is important to the success of your defense. The DUI defense attorneys at Henderson Legal Defense have been serving Johnson County, Kansas, for many years and are ranked in the National Association of Distinguished Counsel’s Top 1 Percent. Courtney Henderson is also a member of the National College for DUI Defense. 

Kansas DUI Charges 

Kansas takes DUI charges especially seriously. First-time DUI offenders convicted of their crime must serve time in custody before probation can begin. This is different from many other states where first-time offenders often receive more leniency in sentencing. What’s more, minimum fines in Kansas, are prohibitively expensive, and probation is often thorough and intensive, even for first-time offenders. If found guilty, you will likely face license suspension, mandatory ignition interlock, diversion, or probation. Even after punishment is served, a DUI stays on your record. These charges often make it difficult to find employment, apply for a loan, secure a lease, rent a car, and much more. 

The impact of one DUI charge can truly be devastating to your future. This is why having a relentless and result-oriented DUI defense lawyer on your side is crucial. Through every part of the process, from field sobriety testing to the court date, your lawyer must be able to protect your rights. At Henderson Legal Defense, our lawyers pore over every detail of your situation so that we can present an airtight defense to the court. Attention to detail and aggressive legal representation is your only hope of avoiding being found guilty.

What to Know About Getting a DUI Charge in Kansas

There is a lot to remember if you are charged with a DUI. The process is new to many people, so remember to keep the following in mind if you find yourself arrested on DUI/DWI/OUI charges:

  • An arrest doesn’t mean a conviction. Prosecutors will have to review the details of your case and a court will have to find you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. 
  • The legal process between arrest and trial is lengthy and complicated.
  • DUIs may seem straightforward, but there are often weak spots in the state’s case. 

An experienced, driven attorney can walk you through all the details of your case, help you challenge your license revocation and submit paperwork, and give the prosecutors reasons that you should not be found guilty. 

Hiring a Johnson County DUI defense lawyer who has a history of successfully defending against DUI charges will provide you with the best chance of acquittal. Even if you are found guilty, having a lawyer to fight your case means that your sentence may be lighter, and some charges may be dropped. From Overland Park, KS, to Shawnee, KS, the attorneys at Henderson Legal Defense have been successfully defending the Kansas City community for many years and understand the complexities of Kansas DUI charges.

Potential Charges and Consequences From Getting a DUI in Kansas

After a DUI, many people want to understand what the possible charges and outcomes may be, and understandably so. Unfortunately, there is no one answer to this question, as every situation is different. We can explain that your charges will be more severe if it’s not your first DUI offense or if you do not hire a competent local lawyer to defend you.

DUI Consequences for Your Driver’s License

For first-time DUI/OUI/DWI offenders, the days and weeks following an arrest are confusing. While you may believe that you have time to find a lawyer and figure things out, the clock is ticking on several essential deadlines. The most pressing of these deadlines is your license appeal, which DUI offenders commonly overlook. Many do not realize that it is possible to regain license privileges after a DUI or DWI. The appeal window is incredibly short, so wasting time is not an option. In Kansas, you must file the proper paperwork within 14 days, and in Missouri, you must file the paperwork within 15 days.

Punishments and Fines

In general, these are some possible consequences for driving under the influence in the state of Kansas.

  • First-time offender: Imprisonment up to six months, completion of a drug and alcohol education program, license suspension, car impoundment, and a fine ranging from $750 to $1,000.
  • Second-time offender: Imprisonment up to one year, mandatory completion of a drug and alcohol education program, at least one-year license suspension, mandatory interlock device following license suspension, car impoundment for up to one year, and a fine ranging from $1,250 to $1,750.
  • Third- or fourth-time offender: Felony offense charges, imprisonment up to one year, mandatory completion of a drug and alcohol education program, at least one-year license suspension, mandatory interlock device following license suspension, car impoundment for up to one year, and a fine ranging from $1,750 to $2,500.
  • Fifth-time offender: Felony offense charges, imprisonment up to one year, mandatory completion of a drug and alcohol education program, your license may be permanently revoked, and you will receive a fine of $2,500.
  • DUI Aggravated Battery Felony: If someone were seriously injured due to your DUI, charges would most likely include imprisonment. The time to be served can range from 136 to 31 months in prison based upon prior history. 
  • DUI with a child in the car: If you have a passenger under the age of 14, one month of jail time will be added to your base punishment.

To reiterate, these are the general punishments put forth by the state of Kansas. These exact consequences are not necessarily what you will get for your DUI. 

In addition to punishments other consequences will impact your future.

Other Consequences

The simple fact that you were arrested for driving under the influence triggers the DMV to revoke license privileges. This is one of the reasons the appeal window is so important. If you do not take advantage of that time, it may be a lengthy and expensive problem to modify your license suspension, and you may be unable to drive legally for months or even years after the incident. DUI arrests also still appear on your driving record, meaning that insurance companies will often raise your rates, sometimes to prohibitively expensive levels. 

To avoid or minimize these sentences it is in your best interest to hire an experienced DUI defense lawyer with extensive knowledge of state and local laws. At Henderson Legal Defense, we have years of experience fighting these charges while being thorough and relentless every time. We will work tirelessly to help you fight DUI charges in Kansas.

Non-Alcohol DUI Charges in Kansas

Though DUIs are commonly associated with drivers who are intoxicated on alcohol, other substances can fall under DUI/DWI/OUI charges. Many DUIs are based upon medication prescribed by a physician even if alcohol is not involved in the DUI investigation. Though marijuana is becoming recreationally legal in more states across the country, it is not legal in any form in Kansas. Being caught while under the influence of marijuana can result in DUI or DWI charges, and you can be charged with a variety of other offenses, such as possession of an illegal substance, distribution of an illegal substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia. These charges can be severe and compounded with a DUI charge, which could result in significant punishment. Hard drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and psychedelics incur many of the same charges. However, the punishments for these drugs will likely be more severe, especially if found due to driving under the influence.

Blurry perspective of someone driving a car at night. If you’ve recently been arrested while driving under the influence, contact our Overland Park criminal lawyers now.

DUI Acquittal in Kansas

At Henderson Legal Defense, we understand the serious consequences of a DUI charge in Kansas. Our experienced team of Kansas DUI defense attorneys is dedicated to protecting your rights and fighting for your freedom. If you are facing a DUI charge, it’s crucial to know that an acquittal is possible. 

Every DUI case is unique, and we tailor our defense strategy to fit your specific circumstances. We will gather all available evidence, including witness statements, video footage, and chemical test results, to build a solid defense on your behalf. Our goal is to cast doubt on the prosecution’s case, highlighting any inconsistencies or unreliable evidence. If your case proceeds to trial, our skilled trial attorneys will vigorously advocate for your acquittal. With our extensive courtroom experience and in-depth knowledge of Kansas DUI laws, we will skillfully cross-examine witnesses, present compelling arguments, and challenge the prosecution’s case at every turn. Our relentless pursuit of justice is aimed at securing a favorable verdict on your behalf.

A DUI acquittal can make a significant difference in your life, protecting your driving privileges, avoiding hefty fines, and preventing a criminal record. Don’t leave your future to chance – schedule a no-cost consultation with our experienced DUI defense attorney at Henderson Legal Defense today. We will listen to your side of the story, assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and outline a personalized defense strategy tailored to your needs.

Kansas Juvenile DUI Charges 

Juvenile DUI laws in Kansas differ from adult DUI laws, taking into account the age and circumstances of the minor involved. In Kansas, juvenile DUI charges carry their own set of unique consequences and considerations. While the severity of the charges may vary depending on the specific circumstances and the minor’s prior record, it is important to recognize that Kansas takes underage drinking and driving offenses seriously. The state has implemented measures to address juvenile DUI cases with the goal of deterrence, rehabilitation, and ensuring public safety. It is crucial to work with attorneys who have in-depth knowledge of these specific laws and the intricacies of the juvenile justice system. Our attorneys are well-versed in the nuances of  Kansas juvenile DUI cases and will guide you through the legal process with expertise and compassion. We believe in the importance of protecting your child’s rights at every stage of their DUI case. At Henderson Legal Defense, our attorneys will diligently examine the circumstances surrounding their arrest, ensuring that law enforcement officers followed proper protocols and respected your child’s constitutional rights. We will challenge any violations and work tirelessly to suppress any evidence obtained unlawfully.

Each juvenile DUI case is unique, and we approach every case with meticulous attention to detail. Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate the facts, interview witnesses, analyze breathalyzer or chemical test results, and examine any potential defenses. We will develop a robust defense strategy tailored to your child’s specific situation, aimed at achieving the best possible outcome.

We understand that a DUI conviction can have far-reaching consequences for your child’s future. Our attorneys will explore all available options to minimize the impact of the charges. We will advocate for alternative sentencing options, such as diversion programs, counseling, community service, or educational courses, that focus on rehabilitation rather than punitive measures.

Navigating the juvenile court system requires expertise and a deep understanding of its unique dynamics. Our Kansas DUI lawyers have extensive experience representing minors in juvenile court, skillfully presenting their case before judges and negotiating with prosecutors. We are committed to fighting for your child’s future, whether through negotiation, mediation, or litigation.

If your child is facing juvenile DUI charges in Kansas, don’t delay in seeking legal assistance. Contact Henderson Legal Defense to schedule a confidential no-cost consultation with our experienced attorneys. We will listen attentively, provide guidance, and outline a personalized strategy to protect your child’s rights and future. Let us stand by your side during this challenging time and guide you through the frightening process of your child’s juvenile DUI case. Contact Henderson Legal Defense, LLC today and let us provide the dedicated legal representation your family deserves.

Defense Against DUI Charges in Kansas

Fighting DUI charges must be done in a specific and tactical manner. There are a few ways that these charges may be thrown out, or the prosecution may grant leniency. Here are just some of the scenarios that may help exonerate you or force prosecutors to offer a deal:

  • Illegal or unethical traffic stops: The police cannot pull you over without due cause. Unless they believe a crime is being committed, they are not allowed to perform traffic stops randomly. Proving that they do not have a legitimate reason for your initial stop can cause the case to be dismissed.
  • Weaving: Under the umbrella of unethical stopping, the police cannot pull you over for weaving or swaying while driving unless you crossed a white or yellow line. This is often part of the reasoning of the police, but it may not be enough in a DUI case.
  • Inaccurate or faulty field sobriety tests: Though sobriety tests have been used for years, there are many ways that the police may administer field sobriety tests outside of the standard protocol. Several medical conditions may cause a faulty test result, which can be used as grounds for acquittal during a trial.
  • Dashcam/Bodycam video: Police videos may be the only “witness” you can get for your trial, but luckily, they give us a lot of information in your defense. If you passed a field sobriety test, the police may have no basis to ask you to submit to blood alcohol concentration testing (urine, blood, and breath). If you were asked to do so despite having passed a field test, the test may be challenged, and results may be suppressed.
  • Faulty breathalyzer tests: Though these tests were made to appear as the epitome of proof in DUI crimes, the science on these devices is not exact. Even if the test is functioning properly, there are external criteria that can alter the results. Inexperienced breathalyzer administration, medical conditions, acid reflux, rising blood alcohol content, even just having food stuck in dental work can influence a breathalyzer reading. In these situations, the test results can be reasonably challenged. 

At Henderson Legal Defense, we regularly research and use these defenses to help our clients avoid jail time and life-ruining charges. Many people consider DUI cases to be cut and dry, but this could not be further from the truth. These cases are full of nuance, and guilt is not a given when you get arrested on DUI charges.

Work With an Experienced Kansas DUI/DWI Defense Lawyer 

At Henderson Legal Defense, we work to meticulously dismantle the prosecutor’s case. If it fails to withstand legal scrutiny, we will petition the court for a dismissal. By weakening the evidence against you, we can often negotiate a favorable plea agreement but are fully prepared to take your case to trial.

If you’re facing charges of DUI, OUI, or DWI, it is crucial to align yourself with an Overland Park DUI defense lawyer who will fiercely defend your rights. Schedule a free consultation at Henderson Legal Defense today by contacting us online or calling our office in Overland Park at (913) 782-4030. We proudly represent clients throughout Eastern Kansas, including Olathe, Leewood, Overland Park, Johnson County, Shawnee, and beyond.

Every alleged crime has a defense, and we will fight relentlessly to help you  overcome your DUI charge.

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Kansas DUI Frequently Asked Question's

What Are The Penalties for DUI in Johnson County?

There are many penalties in place for those found guilty of DUI. The penalties vary depending on the severity of the crime and whether it is your first such offense. The penalties may include prison time, hefty fines, probation, alcohol rehabilitation, and more. The most significant penalty is a criminal record that could impact you for the rest of your life. A criminal conviction makes it more difficult to get a job, attend a university, and rent an apartment, among other things. If you are facing charges, contact a criminal defense lawyer in Overland Park as soon as possible.

How Can an Overland Park DUI Lawyer County Defend My DUI Charges?

While DUI charges are often severe, there are some options for defense. The evidence in your case is generally blood alcohol concentration test results. If the results are close to the legal limit of 0.08% BAC, it may be possible that you were not over the legal limit while you were behind the wheel. Another consideration is to ensure the test was conducted properly and that the machinery was working correctly. Also, the test result evaluation is critical to the evidence. A skilled DUI lawyer in Johnson County will work hard to review the evidence and provide the best defense in your case.

Should I Submit to DUI Tests?

Every case is different, but in general, it may be best to submit to DUI testing. Your failure to submit to testing can actually harm your case and you will face additional and separate charges. One thing to remember is that you can request your own testing. This can be helpful in defending the charges against you. Contact an experienced DUI lawyer in Johnson County quickly. Your lawyer will immediately work to gather and review the evidence and advise you as to your options when submitting to testing and when talking to authorities. If you have had previous DUI convictions, it may be best to consult with your lawyer before you agree to DUI tests.

What Should I Do If I Was Charged with DUI?

You may feel scared and stressed when you were charged with DUI. You may not know what to expect with the criminal process. In some cases, you may be held in jail pending an initial hearing and you may need to post bail. The first step is to seek professional assistance as soon as possible from a DUI lawyer in Johnson County. Your attorney has the experience and knows the laws and processes. Your attorney will assist you with all your needs and is available to answer your questions and concerns.

Will My Driver’s License Be Suspended?

If you are charged with DUI you will face an immediate license suspension. This is a separate process from the criminal proceedings of DUI charges. An experienced DUI lawyer can help you try to retain your driving privileges or seek a temporary license so you can get to and from work or school if necessary. If you are found guilty of DUI, you will likely face additional license restrictions. DUI charges are serious and require immediate attention. Contact Henderson Legal Defense for a free legal consultation: 913-676-2593.

Should I Represent Myself in a DUI Case?

A DUI can happen to anyone. You stop for a drink after work and on the way home, you get stopped by the police. Suddenly, you are suspected of DUI, and your whole life changes in an instant. DUI charges are serious and if you get convicted you will face stiff penalties that often include fines, license suspension, and sometimes time behind bars. While you may feel that you are innocent, you need to know that the risk of conviction likely outweighs any potential savings you could have if you decide to represent yourself. A DUI attorney in Overland Park will help you defend DUI charges.

How Can a DUI Attorney in Overland Park Defend My Case?

While DUI charges are extremely serious, there are some options for defending the charges against you. It can be challenging to try to defend yourself and only the best attorneys understand successful DUI defense. An experienced DUI attorney in Overland Park works on these types of cases on a daily basis and therefore knows the ins and outs of the best options for defense. In some cases, your attorney may review the data from the breath or urine test to find any irregularities in the equipment or how the test was performed. Sometimes, the police made mistakes that led to an improper arrest. If your attorney finds a problem, the evidence may not be used in your conviction, and this could result in reducing or dropping the charges.

Can I Negotiate with the Prosecutor?

The prosecutor has the task of trying to prove guilt and obtain a conviction in DUI cases. However, some cases can result in reduced charges, especially if the evidence in the case is weak. If you defend yourself or if you count on an inexperienced attorney, you will likely be unable to negotiate and the prosecutor won’t offer you any type of plea deal. Instead, you will face the full penalties and could face a great deal of hardship and long-term effects of DUI conviction for years to come. A skilled DUI attorney in Overland Park will provide you with the best possible representation and will work on your behalf to obtain a favorable outcome.

Why Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

A DUI conviction is a permanent stain on your record and will impact your life and the lives of your family for years to come. You could face some serious penalties if you are convicted and without proper representation, it is more likely that you will end up with a less favorable result. A DUI attorney in Overland Park will immediately take action to evaluate your case and do everything possible to get the charges dropped or reduced and to get the lowest possible penalties if the case results in a conviction. The best drug crimes lawyer in Olathe will also help you get your driving privileges back so you can return to work.  If you are facing DUI charges, don’t wait to call an attorney because every second counts.