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Criminal Defense

An Arrest Does Not Equal A Conviction
Seek legal counsel the moment you’re arrested. Our experienced Kansas criminal defense attorneys will protect your rights and guide you through the process, even the odds when dealing with law enforcement.Our goal is to help you obtain the best possible outcome in your case, and we will do everything in our power to achieve that. Time makes all the difference, act now.

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Drug Offenses

Defending your rights in drug cases
Our firm understands the seriousness of drug-related charges and their impact on your life. Whether it’s your first offense or prior convictions, we protect your rights and strive for the best outcome. We are familiar with treatment programs, ensuring fair consideration for rehabilitation and a brighter future. Time is crucial in handling drug crimes in Kansas.

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DUI Defenses
With a commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest legal developments, our Kansas DUI lawyers navigate the complexities of DUI cases with precision and care. Our foremost mission is to protect your rights and advocate for your best interests throughout the legal process. Your future matters to us, and we will fight diligently to safeguard it.

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Juvenile Law

Protecting Your Children Against Juvenile Charges
Our dedicated team of Kansas Juvenile defense lawyers is committed to passionately fighting for your child’s rights and ensuring a secure future. We recognize the importance of shielding young lives from the long-term consequences of a criminal record, and we will work tirelessly to protect your child’s potential and aspirations.

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Take control of your future! Contact a Top Kansas Criminal defense lawyer today.

The Justice System Takes The Charges Against You Seriously
— And So Will We

When facing a criminal charge, your freedom and future hang in the balance. Don’t risk it all alone. Our dedicated team of criminal defense attorneys in Kansas City possesses the knowledge and determination needed to safeguard your rights and fight for your future.

With a strong defense on your side, you’ll have a team that is wholly dedicated to criminal law and genuinely cares about protecting your rights and your future. We take pride in building robust defenses against a wide range of criminal charges, addressing every accusation head-on.

Our attorneys are licensed to practice in both Kansas and Missouri, and possess comprehensive knowledge and experience in representing cases related to DUI/DWI defense, domestic violence, drug charges, violent crimes, expungement, appeals, felonies, juvenile law, and traffic and municipal violations.

At Henderson Legal Defense your case is treated with the seriousness and importance it deserves because we understand that your future depends on it. Place your trust in our skilled criminal law attorneys, and let us fight passionately for the strong defense you rightfully deserve.

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Courtney Henderson Attorney in Overland Park KS

Your future is too important to leave to chance. The authorities won’t hesitate to pursue the harshest penalties, treating you as just another case number.  Rest assured that with the Henderson Law Firm by your side, you will receive the experienced guidance and relentless advocacy needed to safeguard your rights.

Founder of Henderson Legal Defense, Attorney Courtney T. Henderson is a highly esteemed Kansas criminal defense attorney known for his unwavering dedication to providing strong legal representation to individuals facing criminal charges. With a proven track record in the field of criminal law, he has garnered a reputation as a staunch advocate for his clients’ rights and futures.

Having exclusively focused his practice on criminal law, Mr. Henderson possesses a comprehensive understanding of the nuances and complexities of this area of legal practice. He recognizes the immense impact that criminal charges can have on a person’s life, and he is committed to guiding his clients through the legal process while safeguarding their rights at every step.

At Henderson Legal Defense, LLC Attorneys at Law, we proudly represent clients throughout Kansas, including Overland Park, Olathe, and Johnson County. Our commitment to criminal law is unwavering, and we understand the significance of defending your rights.

To learn more, schedule a free initial consultation with us. Protect your future by filling out our online intake form or calling (913) 782-4030. Your defense matters to us, as it may very well determine your future.

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Courtney Henderson is a brilliant attorney who has helped me out many times. He is affordable and comes through 1000% every time. He will actually speak directly with you and seems to really care about his clients. Thank you, Courtney.

- J Smith

Hands down the definition of “Super Representation”

- James M.

Mr. Henderson is by far one of the most professional men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in this field. Incredibly responsive to any questions I’ve asked, great communication and a genuine care for his clients. I’ve dealth with many defenders before and when I say he’s the best that is an understatement! Anyone needing a Lawyer who is going to have your back, this man is the one to call!

- Former client

I got a DWS/no proof of insurance ticket last week. I called Courtney for advice on where I should start as far as getting it taken care of. He was very insightful, helpful and polite. I definitely recommend him to anyone needing legal help!

- Tara

I am so happy I chose Mr. Henderson! I researched very long and hard to find the best attorney and I did! He is also very honest and fair when it comes to billing for his services. I would absolutely recommend him! Thank You, Mr. Henderson for peace of mind!

- Meribah

Mr. Henderson was very honest and upfront, about my legal situation from the initial face to face interview. He’s very responsive, and gives you a detailed analysis of each legal option that’s available to you. It was really hard to deal with my personal matter, but Mr. Henderson made me feel comfortable, and guided me through the entire legal proceeding.

- Michael

From the first consultation to the last day in court he was nothing but impressive. Courtney was very honest and up front. Courtney displayed a sense of knowledge beyond reproach inside the court room. He was a very professional individual. I will, knock on wood, contact him if needed in the future and I would recommend him anyone. Thank you for your help Courtney.

- Mike