What Happens If You Get Caught in Possession of Meth in Kansas?

Although the United States increasingly believes that drug possession and addiction should be treated more as a health issue than a criminal offense, there are still strict measures in place to combat any infringement of the law in some areas. In Kansas City, KS, being charged with possession of illegal drugs is a serious offense […]

What Is the Penalty for Drug Possession in Kansas City?

If you’re facing drug possession charges in Kansas City, your life probably feels like it’s been turned upside down. You likely have questions, are worried about the future, and have no idea who to trust. On top of this, you need to understand the potential penalties and how to fight back. That’s why we’re here […]

4 Reasons You Should Hire an Experienced Drug Crime Attorney

Being arrested for a drug offense can put you in a difficult situation. Penalties for drug-related crimes are generally more severe than other offenses – even a possession misdemeanor has harsher sentencing than some other misdemeanors. This is one of many reasons why you may want to hire a drug crime attorney in Johnson County, […]