9 Qualities You’ll Find in the Best DUI Lawyers

Posted: April 1, 2022 at 12:00 am

A DUI charge and conviction can change your life forever. At this crucial time, you need an attorney who can walk you through the legal process. Just any attorney, however, won’t suffice. You need the best DUI lawyer in Overland Park, KS: an experienced professional who will listen to your story and approach negotiations with confidence.

9 Qualities You’ll Find in the Best DUI Lawyers in Overland Park, KS

1. Great Investigative and Research Skills

Of all the skills attorneys need, those relative to investigation and research are perhaps the most important. In fact, an attorney should be able to sift through evidence with eyes as keen as the police. The prosecutor trying your case will use eyewitness testimony, breathalyzer results, and more to demonstrate your guilt. The best DUI lawyer will thoroughly review this evidence and look for key details that can benefit your case.

2. Extensive DUI Training

In a DUI case, the distinction between a great attorney and one who is only so-so often lies in experience. A highly trained lawyer will competently ask the prosecutor for a plea bargain and, if needed, present your case to the judge. In contrast, an attorney who doesn’t understand DUI cases may cause irreparable damage to your case.

To gauge your lawyer’s experience, we recommend asking questions at that very first meeting. You want to know:

  • The number of DUI cases they have successfully managed
  • If they have previously handled a case similar to yours
  • How most of their DUI cases were resolved

The Defense You Need

You should also ask about potential defenses to your case. The evidence used to suggest guilt, including the officer’s interpretation of your behavior, can often be disputed. Only an attorney with adequate experience, however, will pore over your case and find the holes it contains.

3. Strong Negotiation Skills

Negotiation means more than begging the prosecutor for a reprieve. The most effective Overland Park, KS, lawyers understand listening and learning fundamentally improve all negotiation strategies. Otherwise, your lawyer will quickly lose control of the narrative and give the upper hand to the prosecutor.

A great lawyer will probe for more information by asking you a considerable number of questions. You may spend many hours together, reviewing the case from every angle and exploring likely scenarios. Even the most minor detail, such as what you ate for breakfast, may prove significant. Your attorney can then approach negotiations from a position of power.

4. Objectivity

An attorney must be driven by their constitutional obligation to either win your case or arrive at the best possible outcome. Their efforts should never reflect any personal beliefs about your guilt. Instead, they should work from the foundational phrase “innocent until proven guilty.”

An experienced attorney may ask about prior convictions but will stay focused on your current case. In this same vein, they will not accept the police or prosecutor’s statements at face value. They’ll understand discovery, the process of collecting evidence, will likely provide critical and relevant information. The case they build will then rest on facts, not opinions, to increase your odds of a favorable outcome.

5. Positive Referrals

You might begin your search for the best DUI lawyer by asking for recommendations. It can’t hurt to speak with colleagues and close friends who have been in similar situations and, in turn, you may be referred to a highly qualified professional.
If you don’t want to speak with others about such a sensitive topic, you can read online reviews or ask an attorney for client references. These people will help you understand the lawyer’s representation style. You can then use this information to decide if the attorney’s legal approach aligns with your expectations. The point is you should never hire a lawyer based solely on random selection.

6. A Can-Do Attitude

Defense attorneys must be realistic but, at the same, possess winning attitudes. Some call this being aggressive, but an attorney doesn’t need to be loud or pushy to advocate successfully for their clients. Prosecutors often take an aggressive stance because they know the court’s judges and have the power of the State behind them. Your attorney, on the other hand, must have the skill and personality to stand up to this wall.

Simply put, standing up means being prepared. A command of the facts is necessary, as well as the ability to clearly and concisely present those facts. But a successful attorney must also be prepared for a range of possible outcomes. Criminal convictions rely on guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This creates a daunting standard for prosecutors, and a smart attorney will exploit that standard during negotiations.

7. Impeccable Communication Skills

Most lawyers understand communication is a key component of the work they do. They must persuade others that their representation of the truth is the right one, and this requires the ability to speak and write well. Not all attorneys, however, listen to best effect. You need a lawyer who will give their undivided attention when you talk, especially when you give your accounting of the case. After all, this information decides the right approach to your defense.

In addition, a great communicator can advocate on your behalf as they arrange a plea bargain or the conditions of your sentence. The goal is to soften the prosecutor’s perception and humanize you during case discussions.

Crucial First Impressions

You can understand how your lawyer communicates by watching their actions during your first meeting. Do they listen when you speak? Do they ask relevant questions? Do they fully answer your questions? If you feel less than 100% confident in your lawyer’s abilities, you should seek representation elsewhere.

8. Confidentiality

A client should be able to tell their attorney anything without fear of betrayal. Attorneys take an oath promising to keep all client communications confidential, both to protect you and help win your case. Most attorneys, of course, take this oath very seriously and would never reveal details of a client or their case. 
Having said that, you need to feel comfortable that everything you tell your lawyer will stay between the two of you. The only exception is if divulging a secret proves beneficial to your case. You should therefore look for an attorney with a strong record of keeping clients’ information confidential. Read client reviews to ensure the professional you choose exercises a high degree of discretion.

9. Honesty

You may not want to hear them, but it’s crucial you understand the best and worst possible outcomes of your case. This knowledge allows you to plan accordingly for your situation. Perhaps your case can be resolved without a jail sentence, but if it can’t, you need to know all the options on the table. 
Keep in mind your case will have far-reaching implications for your family, job, and future. It’s better to prepare for a worst-case scenario and not have it come to fruition than to expect a great outcome and have to instantly adjust to a harsh penalty. Look for a lawyer who will speak honestly and help you put a sound plan into action.

Your DUI case is only as good as the lawyer who builds it. An attorney possessed of honesty, discretion, and superior communication skills will effectively fight for your rights. A DUI attorney should also have a can-do attitude, objectivity, and plenty of positive referrals. To see these qualities in action, and learn how we can fight for your rights, contact Henderson Legal Defense, LLC, today.