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An appeal of a criminal case is factually intensive. An attorney must review the record thoroughly and identify relevant mistakes by an attorney or judge. This requires experience in criminal law and an evolving knowledge in the current law as it relates to your case.

Securing A Second Chance At The Appellate Level

Male criminal wearing orange prison jumpsuit talking to a female lawyer in dim lit room. When you’re ready to appeal your criminal case, our criminal appellate lawyers can help.

Success at the appellate level requires an attorney knowledgeable in the law, adept at briefing, and skilled as an orator. At Henderson Legal Defense, we have handled criminal defense appeals at all levels. Our attorneys have represented clients in municipal appeals to District Court and District Court appeals to the Kansas Court of Appeals and the Kansas Supreme Court.

Appeals are more than disagreeing with a ruling or judgment of the court. An appeal may decide an issue in your case that impacts others accused of a similar wrong. The choice of an attorney in this situation is an important one.

Righting Wrongs That Resulted In Life-Changing Errors

Rulings by a judge during preliminary hearings, pretrial motions, and trial often lead to criminal appeals if the ruling was in error. For example, a judge may rule that the police did not need a warrant to search a home or car when you believed it was required before the search could occur. Appealing such an issue may overturn a conviction and remand the case to exclude such evidence.

In Kansas, an appellant has 14 days from final judgment to file a notice of appeal. Failing to adhere to strict timelines could lead to a rejection of your appeal by the courts of appeal.

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