8 Common Cases Where a Good Drug Crimes Lawyer Can Change the Outcome

Posted: June 22, 2021 at 1:00 pm

When it comes to drug crime, the law is very strict in Kansas City and you may face serious penalties even if your offense was minor. That’s why many people decide to hire a drug crimes lawyer to help them navigate this tricky situation. In many cases, an attorney can get the case dismissed, fight an intent to distribute charge, or prove you weren’t aware of the drugs while providing you with the necessary support to navigate this traumatic life event.

8 Common Cases Where a Good Drug Crimes Lawyer Can Change the Outcome

1. If You Were Stopped Illegally In Kansas City

The easiest way to get out of your current situation is to get the case dismissed, which is simplest if the police abused their power during your arrest. For example, they are not allowed to stop you unless there is reasonable suspicion of illegal actions. If this wasn’t the case, and you were pulled over without good reason, this is an illegal act, and it’s likely that you won’t face any charges.

Although this is an easy way to solve your problem, it’s not simple, and you may struggle to prove that the police acted unlawfully. That’s where hiring a competent drug crime attorney can help you. Jason Billam and Courtney Henderson have been working in the field for decades and know Kansas drug crime law intimately. With their experience, they will know exactly how to present the evidence so that you have the best chance possible.

2. If You Were Searched Without Giving Consent

Another reason why your case might get dismissed is an unlawful search. Unless there are exigent circumstances, the police need to have a search warrant in order to search your car or your home. If this is not the case and you never gave them consent, this constitutes unlawful behavior and can result in the dismissal of your case. Again, your best course of action is to consult a professional to see whether the way you were searched is illegal.

3. If You Were Detained for an Unreasonable Amount of Time

A final reason why the charges against you may be dropped is if the police detained you for an unreasonable amount of time without proof that you were acting against the law. If they suspect that there is a problem, they are only allowed to hold you for a certain timeframe before their actions become unlawful. In case they don’t find anything during this time, they must let you go. 

In many cases of drug crime, one of these three grounds for dismissal are a possibility. However, the law varies by location, so consulting a specialist is your best chance of getting your case thrown out. Although there’s a cost associated with hiring a drug crime lawyer, the harsh punishments for possession and intent to distribute drugs are much worse and have long-lasting consequences on your life, such as loss of employment or even custody of your children. 

4. If You Want to Fight An Intent to Distribute Charge 

The penalties for possession of drugs are harsh in Kansas, but they are much worse when the police suspect an intent to distribute. Even if you had less than 25 grams of marijuana on you, you could face a fine of up to $300,000 and 51 months in jail if you were planning on selling it.

Fortunately, it is often hard to prove someone’s intent to distribute, so your lawyer may be able to refute this charge. If your case can’t be thrown out due to the police’s abuse of power, proving that you weren’t intending to sell your drugs is the next best thing as it can significantly reduce the consequences. 

5. If You Were Not Aware You Were In Possession of Drugs

In certain situations, unwitting possession can be a valid defense. This means that you were carrying drugs without being aware of this, for example, if you borrowed someone’s vehicle or let someone else pack your bags for you. In such a case, the ‘guilty knowledge or intent’ part of your prosecution can be removed. 

But is this a viable defense and will it make a difference? There is no simple answer to this question, which is why hiring a drug crime attorney is important. Someone like a postman who has no reason to suspect that he’s carrying illegal substances would definitely benefit from this, but if your situation is less clear-cut, you will need professional help to determine whether this line of defense can work for you.

6. If You Are a Repeat Offender 

Anyone caught with drugs can face hefty charges, but the problem can be even worse if this is not your first offense. While first offenders can sometimes get the benefit of the doubt, this is not usually the case for anyone who has been convicted for this type of crime before. You are unlikely to be given a light sentence or even just probation and are instead likely to be subjected to a lengthy prison sentence and a hefty fine. 

In such a case, the smartest thing to do is to explore all options for getting the case dismissed, such as the above-mentioned unlawful police actions. When you consult with your drug crime lawyer, he will analyze your case thoroughly and attempt to find such a solution for you. 

7. If You Have No Support

Being found with drugs is a traumatic experience for many people and can often lead to problems with your family and friends. Such a stressful life event can significantly affect your personal relationships. If this is the situation you are facing, hiring an impartial professional is the best choice, as he can offer an outside perspective and clear guidance. 

What’s more, a drug trial can affect your eligibility for custody and you may lose your children to the foster system if you are convicted. Thus, anyone who cares for minors should consider employing a drug crime lawyer to mitigate the risk of losing custody.

8. If You Are Worried and Confused 

Finally, a great number of people convicted of a drug crime are worried and stressed out about the situation, which may prevent them from thinking clearly and making the best decisions. Having someone to guide you through the process, remind you of important deadlines, and reassure you that the problem will resolve itself can prove invaluable when going through a stressful situation.

Your drug crime lawyer will not only make sure that your case is resolved to your advantage but will also be there for you during the process, listen to your story, and take all of the different aspects of your case into consideration. This can feel reassuring and help you to navigate the charges against you without long-lasting trauma to both you and your family.

In most cases related to the possession of illegal substances, hiring a drug crimes lawyer can be the smart choice for you and your family. Not only can a professional mitigate the consequences of your conviction, but in many cases, the charges can be dropped entirely.

To benefit from our decades of experience, contact Henderson Legal Defense, LLC in Kansas City today. Jason Billam and Courtney Henderson will be happy to review your case and find the best solution possible.