14 Things You Should Never Say When You’ve Been Accused of a Drug Crime

Posted: January 1, 2023 at 12:00 am

If you are accused of a drug crime in Olathe, KS, be aware that anything you say will be used against you. The police will stop at nothing to secure a conviction, even if it means twisting your words to suit their narrative. You want to keep your mouth shut and call a drug crime lawyer immediately. Henderson Legal Defense can help.

14 Things You Should Never Say When You’ve Been Accused of a Drug Crime

1.”The Drugs Are Mine”

Do not admit to owning any drugs. The police will take your words as a confession no matter how you say it. Their body cams and other recording devices will also capture these conversations, and you don’t want any incriminating evidence on record.

The danger of admitting ownership is that the judge and jury will think you are guilty before hearing all the evidence. This ties your lawyer’s hands and makes it difficult to prove your innocence.

2.”I Was Holding The Drugs for a Friend”

Never say you were holding drugs for someone else, even if that’s the truth. The prosecution may try to twist this into a conspiracy charge or accuse you of being part of a drug trafficking ring.

The consequences of being a drug trafficker are much more severe than having drugs. This could mean a massive fine, a longer jail sentence, or even having the charges upgraded to a felony.

3.”I Didn’t Mean to Use the Drugs”

Making an admission of guilt, even if it’s just a mistake, can be held against you. Accidents happen, but the prosecution may use your words as proof of intent. That means you knew having or using the drugs was wrong.

Never assume the police will let you go for being honest and admitting a mistake. In reality, this could be the thing that seals your fate in court and makes it much harder for your lawyer to get you off the hook.

4.”I’ll Give You the Names of My Suppliers in Olathe, KS”

You should never give the police any information that could lead to further arrests or incriminate others. They won’t believe you and will likely use it against you in court.

If anything, they will have even more evidence to use against you by showing activity patterns and possible connections to organized crime. It’s always best to keep your mouth shut, even if it looks like you might get away by telling them what they want to hear.

5.”I’ll Do Anything To Make This Go Away”

Don’t let the police make you think that your only chance is cooperating with them in exchange for leniency. This could be a trap, and they may use it against you later.

It is also worth noting that this statement could be misinterpreted as a plea of guilt, which can hurt your case in court. You might also be making promises that you can’t keep, which will add to your trouble in the long run.

6.”I’ll Take a Deal”

Never accept a plea bargain without consulting a lawyer. It might make a lot of sense, but you could also be making a huge mistake. Only your lawyer can tell you for sure.

The issue with a plea bargain is that the prosecution has all the power. They can make any promise, but they get to decide what kind of deal you get. It’s always best to stick with your lawyer and trust their advice about your case.

7.”I Have More Drugs Hidden in My House”

Never admit to having drugs hidden in your house or anywhere else. This could lead the police to search your home without a warrant, and anything they find can be used as evidence against you.

It’s also important to remember that drug laws vary from state to state. If other states are involved, keeping your mouth shut is even more important to prevent further charges.

8.”I’ll Testify Against the Supplier”

That is another huge mistake. It will not only make you look bad in court, but it will also put you in the bad books of the supplier and their associates. Snitching is seen as a betrayal, and the supplier may retaliate accordingly.

By testifying against someone else, you are admitting that you were involved in criminal activity. This information could strengthen the case against you if the situation goes to court.

9.”I Didn’t Know the Drugs Were Illegal”

In most cases, ignorance of the law is not a defense. It’s important to stay informed about your state’s drug laws and the consequences of breaking them.

If anything, admitting that you didn’t know the drugs were illegal could be used as evidence to prove intent. This means it’s best to stay strong and not make any assumptions or admissions of guilt.

10.”I’ll Pay You To Make This Go Away”

Bribery is a serious crime that is not to be taken lightly. Never offer money or anything else of value in exchange for leniency from the authorities. This will likely get you into even more trouble with the law and could result in harsher penalties.

11. Lies of Any Kind

Never admit lying to the police or any other authority. It’s an offense just like any other crime and can land you in a lot of trouble. This includes admitting to lying on the stand, even if your drug crime lawyer told you to do it.

You must stick to the story and let your lawyer do their job. They are the experts in this field and know exactly what to do to get you the best outcome possible.

12. Any Kind of Insult

Never disrespect the police or any other official. This is a surefire way to make things worse for yourself and could lead to an obstruction of justice charge.

You want to remain respectful no matter how frustrating the situation may be. Remember, these people are just doing their job, so try to cooperate as much as possible.

13.”I Don’t Remember”

This might seem safe to avoid incriminating yourself, but it can also be used against you in court. Instead of saying you don’t remember, say nothing and let your lawyer do their job.

The fact is that admitting ignorance or memory loss could add another element of guilt to your case.

14.”I’m Not Worried About the Consequences”

The consequences of a drug crime can be severe, so it’s important to take the situation seriously. Don’t let your arrogance stand between you and the help you need.

It’s always best to seek legal advice and remain optimistic about your case. After all, there could be ways to reduce or avoid some penalties. Stay hopeful and work with your lawyer to get the best outcome possible.

If you are ever in the unfortunate situation of being accused of a drug crime in Olathe, KS, remember to keep your mouth shut and call Henderson Legal Defense, LLC immediately. We have extensive experience defending clients in drug crime cases and are here to help you through this difficult time. Contact us today for a free consultation.