Kansas football players facing DUI charges

Drunk upset male driver holding bottle sitting street on crashed car background

Criminal defense protections are important to be familiar with when facing DUI charges or any other criminal charges. Two Kansas University football lineman have been arrested recently on DUI charges. Most recently, an offensive lineman was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence charges and prior to that, yet still this summer, a defensive […]

Plea bargaining basics and what to know about them

Lawyers listening to the judge in the court room

The plea bargaining process is an important part of the criminal justice system for any accused individual to understand and be familiar with. Many criminal cases are plea bargained, which is why it is essential that accused individuals understand what plea negotiations entail. There are different types of plea bargains and there are two types that are most […]

The serious nature of drug trafficking charges

Judge gavel and drugs on a wooden desk

Violations of drug trafficking laws can carry serious potential penalties and consequences. As a result, individuals facing drug trafficking accusations and charges must be familiar with the legal options available to protect them. Criminal defense options range from challenging the facts as alleged by police to challenging police conduct or procedure. Drug trafficking charges penalize transporting, […]

Drunk driving charges cannot be taken lightly

an offender standing in handcuffs near the car. Concept of arrest the driver, violation of rules and drinking alcohol while driving the car

Drunk driving charges can spell serious disruption for the lives of accused individuals. The potential penalties and consequences, even for a first-time DUI, can be serious. Individuals accused of driving under the influence must know how to respond. In Kansas, a conviction for a first DUI requires that an individual serve time before any probation period can […]