8 Common Cases Where a Good Drug Crimes Lawyer Can Change the Outcome

When it comes to drug crime, the law is very strict in Kansas City and you may face serious penalties even if your offense was minor. That’s why many people decide to hire a drug crimes lawyer to help them navigate this tricky situation. In many cases, an attorney can get the case dismissed, fight […]

What Is the Penalty for Drug Possession in Lenexa, KS?

Although the medical understanding of drug addiction is starting to shift legislation toward treating drug addiction as a health concern rather than a criminal offense, state laws are still unforgiving for drug-related charges – particularly in Kansas. Being caught in possession of any drug is a problem that requires swift legal defense so you can […]

Why You Need to Have an Experienced Drug Charge Lawyer

Getting charged with possession, distribution, or trafficking of drugs in Overland Park, KS can be a scary experience, especially if you’ve never dealt with the criminal court system before. Hiring an experienced drug charge lawyer can help you navigate the legal system to receive the best outcome possible. Why You Need to Have an Experienced […]

Is Drug Possession a Felony in Kansas?

In many states, some drugs are no longer criminalized or don’t have as severe penalties as they used to; however, this is not the case in Kansas. In many cases, drug possession is still a felony, which means if you’ve been caught with drugs, you could be facing stiff penalties. Here are some things to […]

8 Reasons a Drug Crime Lawyer May Be Your Best Chance to Avoid Jail

If you’re facing criminal charges due to possession, use or sale of drugs, hiring a drug crime lawyer is likely to be the best chance you have of avoiding jail time. A competent attorney who is familiar with the rules in Overland Park, KS and the surrounding area can help you to build a solid […]